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Friday, December 5, 2014

INTECH OPEN E-BOOKS - priced print copies in Indian market

Dear Professionals

InTech is a publisher of multidisciplinary open access books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. It has published around 2420 books and 6 journals, the full-text of which is available at All the content are available in  PDF format and libraries are permitted to link this database, to self-archive all or part of the content and print or photocopy for the private use of patrons on condition that the original authors and the source are given credit.

 It is noticed that some of the distributors and book suppliers in India are selling the print copies of these books at prices ranging from $100 to $200. 

  I invite the attention of Acquisition librarians in universities, colleges and other higher education institutions towards this matter and request to be vigilant in this regard.


Dr. Archana S.N.
Junior Librarian
Cochin University of Science & Technology

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