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Friday, September 9, 2016

Mismanagement and Monopoly at the Universities/Institutions in Requirements Process

Dear Professionals,

Mismanagement and Monopoly at the Universities/Institutions
As the University happens to be an institution imparting knowledge and skills in higher education, the scope of integrity on how these institutions are being run is wanted in India.
One such instance is the BABASAHEB BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY, Central University in Lucknow where the vacancies for Non-Teaching staffs are being manipulated.
It’s understood that for exams conducted in the UPSC, SSC or any such competitive exams in India, maximum fee upto 500 rupees are paid by the candidates and due exemptions are being given to SC/ST candidates and persons having different abilities. However, in case of the BABASAHEB BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY in Lucknow no due process related to application fee is followed. In this case Rs 1500 are being demanded from the candidates and for SC/ST candidates 750 Rupees are being demanded.
Additionally, the vacancies that are announced, no due process related to filling up such posts are being followed. Rather, repeated announcements for posts have been coming up which add burden to the candidates who are being forced to apply for the posts over and again as they are not exempted from paying for the post already applied for.
Further, as Universities inform the short-listed candidates, the non short-listed candidates are not informed through email why they are not being given proper reasons and candidates not even informed about the exams or proper procedures are not followed even after the conduct of exams. Several Universities follow the detailed procedure and list out the reasons why a candidate is chosen.
Nepotism and favouritism are the mantra for requirement in most of the cases which leaves a lot to be done in the higher education system in India.
In essence, most the higher learning institutions in India such as Universities don’t hold proper due process for the requirement for non-teaching staffs which most importantly the library staffs who happens to be the fulcrum of learning.
Finally, the Ministry of Human Resource Development/ University Grants Commission  need to take proper actions to address the concerns raised by the those candidates who feel that they are being left out by the partial system despite their qualification and ability. Therefore, due process in requirement, staffing and so in dealing with fee to be incurred by the candidates is to be followed.
In addition to the above, universities across India should have a common recruitment procedure for teaching and non-teaching position as it is done in case of the Pre Medical Tests now. One of the steps to begin with, in that regard, is to bring uniformity in fee structure in universities across India.
A mechanism to ensure that the exams, recruitment tests are conducted once the students/applicants pay for it is the need of the hour. To avoid hassles for students who are dependent on their families or are poor, re-advertisement of the post should automatically consider their cases. A fair and transparent mechanism to shortlist, interview and select the candidates should be devised. To ensure that, UGC needs to function like the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) or AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) bodies.

Thanking You
With Regards


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