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Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Days National Workshop Cloud Computing,  Virtualization and Network Management at INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar  

Dear Professionals, 
It’s a matter of great privilege that the INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar, 
Gujarat is organising Five Days National Workshop Cloud Computing, 
Virtualization and Network Management on July 20-24, 2015 at Information & 
Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Gandhinagar, Gujarat,India. 
This workshop offers a better understanding of the network architecture, 
design, management, concept of virtualization, its benefits and uses, 
concept of cloud computing and its applications. It also provides a 
platform to gain “hands-on” experience on cloud computing and network 
management. The network deployment and management is to be executed with 
proper designing, planning along with right policies. The workshop is 
intended for the IT and library professionals to gets real-time “hands-on” 
experience on configuration of switches, firewall, access points, ACL, 
server hardening, load balancing, TCP/IP, cloud computing and 
virtualization which are very important. As the threats from cyber space is 
increasing day by day in organization's network, maintaining network in a 
secured environment will also be discussed in details during the 
workshop.This is a good opportunity to brush up as well as gets trained as 
a professional in such an area. 
For further details, kindly refer to the brochure and registration form 
linked herewith. 


Workshop Brochure 



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